100% NZ Custom Made Tanks

Marine tanks · Water tanks · Fuel tanks · Waste tanks

Hercules Tanks offers a complete design, construction and fitting service for all types of tanks, including:

  • Design and construction of tanks to fit any area and fully utilise all space
  • Fitting and plumbing of tanks
  • Baffled, clear of the bottom allowing for efficient drainage
  • Slide valves and hose for dumping
  • Fully warranted and professionally fitted
  • Tanks are pressure tested to CE Certified standards
  • Tanks thickness guaranteed
  • Tanks welded inside and outside
  • Tanks made in New Zealand

Hercules Tanks, United States Patent No. 9,359,133

Our Diesel & Petrol Fuel Tanks
are CE Certified and built to ISO 21487.
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Frank Aerts, Owner of Hercules Tanks 2021 Ltd purchased Hercules Tanks Ltd from Jim and Judy Rae on 26 February 2021. After a three-week handover Jim & Judy are now retiring in the sunny Western Bay of Plenty. Hercules Tanks are renowned for super strong tanks and of a high quality. Frank, the new owner has come from and engineering background owning and operating a successful engineering business for some 20 years. Moving into the plastics manufacturing industry will be a new challenge though not to dissimilar to the engineering field. Having retained all staff this will give Hercules Tanks 2021 at least 35 years of experience. The quality and name will continue.